Get to know Cyril Friend


As I begin writing this on Veteran’s Day, I think of my father, a U.S. Army Colonel. He was the first client I lost twenty years ago in the early years of my business here in Riverside. Since my dad is always kind’a at the top my “thank you” list in every prayer, I decided to share with you some of what I wrote a few months back.

My dad taught me…

CHARITY. We are blessed. Help others who are less blessed.

TRUTH. The truth is the easiest story to remember. Just tell that story.

INTEGRITY. Don't let others down but more importantly, don't let yourself down.

PRIDE IN COUNTRY. He entered the National Guard at age 16 and retired as a Colonel In the Army Reserve.

PRIDE IN PROFESSION. He became President of the Illinois State Dental Association, and was elected to the Board of Trustees of the American Dental Association.

ACCOUNTABILITY. Even in the good old days of corporal punishment when a boy could get his butt paddled at school I learned that the consequences at school would be the easy ones.

RESPECT (and a little fear) for parental authority. AND respect (without fear) for other authority.

EQUALITY. In the form of “You're no better than the other guy but don't ever forget there’s nobody better'n you."

PMA-Positive mental attitude. Whether you think you can or can't, you're probably right so always know that you can.

PLAYING BASEBALL, hence how to PLAY LIFE (below)

HUSTLE. You hustle onto the field AND you hustle off of the field. If walked, RUN to first base.

STRIKING OUT is OK. Everybody strikes outbut you need to go down SWINGING, NOT by WATCHING the pitches zoom by.

LEVITY. People still say "Doc Friend always had a joke." Well he also had as much fun laughing at it as you would.

PERSEVERENCE. His trademark saying to me was "Keep on keepin’ on"

PRIDE. He must have known the most important thing for me to hear as a kid and later as a young adult was "I'm proud of you"- That simple saying grows so powerful over time.

I still miss my dad every day but I was blessed to have hadthose years with him. 


Cyril Friend III, LPL Financial Advisor